Business Grammar Tips, Tricks, & Techniques CD Rom $229
Business Proofing & Editing Made Easy CD Rom $229
Communicating With Clarity & Credibility Audio- CD $229
Communicating With Tact & Finesse Audio- CD $229
Keys to Handling Social Media at Work MySpace, Facebook, and More Audio- CD $229
Techniques of Successful Technical Writing CD Rom $229
The Business Writing and Grammar CD Series CD Series $199
The Communication CD Collection CD Collection $199
The E-Communication Boot Camp: E-mail, Text, Social Media, and More at Work Audio- CD $229
The Essentials of Active Listening: A Communication Course Audio- CD $229
The Essentials of E-mail and Business Writing CD Rom $229
Writing With Diplomacy, Tact, and Finesse CD Rom $229
Bill Capodagli Presents, Customer Service – “The Disney Way” Audio- CD $229
Creating an Environment of Customer Service Excellence Audio- CD $229
Harnessing the Power of Excel® Database Features CD Rom $229
How to Deliver Grand Slam Customer Service Audio- CD $229
How to Effectively Handle Customer Complaints Audio- CD $229
Making a Smooth Transition Into Excel® 2007 CD Rom $229
Managing the Emerging Work Force: Gen X & Gen Y Audio- CD $229
Mastering Excel® Functions and Formulas CD Rom $229
Motivational Techniques for Customer Service Professionals Audio- CD $229
Sales Success Strategies for Prospecting & Cold-Calling Audio- CD $229
Secrets for Selling Over the Phone Audio- CD $229
The Dos & Don’ts of Customer Service Audio- CD $229
The Essentials of Front Desk Saftey and Security CD Rom $229
Understanding What Your Customer Really Wants Audio- CD $229
How to Build Microsoft® Access® Tables CD Rom $229
How to Format Tables, Charts, and Columns in Microsoft® Word® CD Rom $229
How to Make Microsoft® Outlook® Work Harder for You! CD Rom $229
How to Use Crystal Reports CD Rom $229
How to Use Microsoft® Access® Queries to Find and Display Data CD Rom $229
How to Use Microsoft® Excel® PivotTables® to Easily Summarize and Analyze Data CD Rom $229
How to Use Microsoft® Word® Graphic & Design Features CD Rom $229
Integrating Microsoft® Office® & the Web Into Your Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations CD Interactive $229
Internet & E-mail Monitoring: Developing Effective & Legally Sound Policies & Procedures Audio- CD $229
Keys to Developing Effective E-Newsletters CD Rom $229
Mastering Microsoft® Excel® Macros CD Rom $229
Microsoft Office Essential CD Series CD Series $199
Microsoft® PowerPoint® Supercharged With Multimedia! CD Interactive $229
Search Engine Optimization: Secrets to Driving More Traffic to Your Web Site CD Rom $229
Time-Saving Microsoft® Excel® Tips & Shortcuts For Every User CD Rom $229
2008 EEO-1 Reporting Compliance Update Audio- CD $229
Coping With Payroll Hot Spots Audio- CD $229
Cost-Saving Strategies for Accounts Payable Audio- CD $229
Fraud Detection & Prevention for Accounts Payable Audio- CD $229
How to Collect More Money! Audio- CD $229
How to Conduct a Competitive Pay Analysis CD Rom $229
How to Control Workers’ Compensation Costs Audio- CD $229
How to Read Financial Statements CD Rom $229
The Essentials of Bankruptcy Law for Collection Professionals Audio- CD $229
The Management System CD Rom $199
Understanding and Complying With the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Audio- CD $229
Vendor Management Strategies for Accounts Payable Professionals Audio- CD $229
Americans with Disabilities Act Audio- CD $229
Avoiding the Most Common Costly Mistakes Made in Employee Handbooks Audio- CD $229
COBRA Compliance Audio- CD $229
Creating a Plan for Preventing & Handling Workplace Violence Audio- CD $229
Effective Dress Code Policies: How to Create Them … Write Them … And Enforce Them CD Rom $229
Emergency Response & Disaster Planning Audio- CD $229
Everything You Need to Know About EEOC Claims Audio- CD $229
Exempt vs. NonExempt: Understanding FLSA’s Classification Standards Audio- CD $229
FMLA & Intermittent Leave Audio- CD $229
FMLA 2009 New Regulations Update Audio- CD $229
Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies In Today’s Workplace Audio- CD $229
Handling Employee Complaints & Concerns Audio- CD $229
Health Savings Accounts Audio- CD $229
How to Avoid Making a Terrible Hiring Mistake Audio- CD $229
How to Conduct Effective Interviews Audio- CD $229
How to Conduct Effective Workplace Investigations Audio- CD $229
How to Conduct More Effective Performance Evaluations Audio- CD $229
How to Create a Cost-Effective Competitive Employee Benefits Package CD Rom $229
How to Effectively Communicate Employee Benefits Audio- CD $229
How to Legally Terminate Employees Audio- CD $229
How to Legally Terminate People With Attitude Problems Audio- CD $229
How to Prevent Retaliation Lawsuits Audio- CD $229
How to Terminate Employees With Compassion Audio- CD $229
Human Resources and The Law: What’s New In 2009 Audio- CD $229
Immigration Law Compliance Audio- CD $229
Keys to Effective Employee Orientation Audio- CD $229
Keys to Effectively Handling Employee Behavior & Performance Problems Audio- CD $199
Keys to Legally Sound Feedback, Discipline & Termination Audio- CD $229
Legal Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing & Hiring People Audio- CD $229
Managing Employee Leave & Absenteeism Audio- CD $229
Overcoming Employee Resistance to Change Audio- CD $229
Pre-employment testing: what you can and can’t do Audio- CD $229
Preventing & Handling Workplace Violence Audio- CD $229
Preventing Discrimination, Leave & Harassment Lawsuits Audio- CD $229
Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Audio- CD $229
Records Retention & Destruction for Human Resources Audio- CD $229
Special HR Training: ADA Compliance & Mental Illness Leave Audio- CD $229
Terminating Employees on Leave Audio- CD $229
The ADA Amendments Act Audio- CD $229
The Essentials of Employee Onboarding Audio- CD $229
The Human Resources Compliance Audio Series Audio CD Series $199
The Ins & Outs of Effective HR Policies Audio- CD $229
The Pension Protection Act of 2006 – Dramatic 401(k) Changes Are Here Audio- CD $229
Untangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers’ Comp, and ADA Audio- CD $229
Variable Compensation: Using a performance-based strategy to motivate and retain your best employees Audio- CD $229
What you need to know about Family Responsibility Discrimination Guidelines Audio- CD $229
Assertiveness Skills: A Guide to Positively Successful Communication Audio- CD $229
Author Gary Topchik Presents The First-Time Manager’s Guide to Team Building Audio- CD $229
Basic Supervision Skills Audio- CD $229
Building Cooperation & Trust with Your Employees Audio- CD $229
Creative Strategies for Training the Unmotivated or Reluctant Learner Audio- CD $229
Creative Team-Building Ideas & Activities Audio- CD $229
Dealing With the Dreaded “C” … Conflict in the Workplace Audio- CD $229
Delegation Skills for Managers & Supervisors Audio- CD $229
Developing Your Leadership Voice: How to Be an Effective Communicator Who Gets Results Audio- CD $229
Effective Criticism & Discipline Skills for Managers Audio- CD $229
Employment Law for Managers Audio- CD $229
Enforcing Employee Wage Garnishments Audio- CD $229
Essential Communication Skills for Managers Audio- CD $229
High-Powered Strategies for Innovative Problem Solving & Decision Making CD Rom $229
How to Be a Motivating Manager Audio- CD $229
How To Communicate Financial Information to Employees CD Rom $229
How to Conduct Effective Meetings Audio- CD $229
How to Effectively Lead Interdepartmental Work Teams Audio- CD $229
How to Effectively Supervise Off-Site Employees Audio- CD $229
How to Give Effective Performance Feedback to Employees Audio- CD $229
How to Grow Your E-mail List CD Interactive $199
How to Handle Difficult People Audio- CD $229
How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations in the Workplace Audio- CD $229
How to Manage Priorities & Time Audio- CD $229
How to Plan Successful Events Audio- CD $229
How to Prevent FMLA Abuse Audio- CD $229
How to Provide Effective Employee Discipline Audio- CD $229
How to Revive the Classroom Experience CD Rom $229
How to Successfully Manage People in a Tough Business Climate Audio- CD $229
How to Supervise People Audio- CD $229
How to Work Effectively With People Who Act, Think & Work SO Differently From You! Audio- CD $229
How to Write Effective Job Descriptions … in Half the Time! CD Rom $229
Investigating Employee Complaints Audio- CD $229
Keeping Your People Revved in Tough & Uncertain Times Audio- CD $229
Keys to Turning Employee Interviews Into Conversations Audio- CD $229
Low-Cost & No-Cost Ways to Motivate Employees CD Rom $229
Making a Seamless Transition Into Management Audio- CD $229
Managing Cross-Generational Teams Audio- CD $229
Managing Employees Who Have Rotten Attitudes or Lousy People Skills Audio- CD $229
Sid Kemp, PMP, Presents Perfect Solutions for Difficult Employee Situations Audio- CD $229
Simple, Quick & Stress-Free Organization Strategies Audio- CD $229
Simple, Smart, and Low-Cost Ways to Recognize & Reward Employees Audio- CD $229
Straight Talk for Unproductive and Underperfoming Employees Audio- CD $229
Succession Planning Audio- CD $229
Supervising Front-Line Employees Audio- CD $229
The Essentials of Diversity in Today’s Workplace Audio- CD $229
The Outstanding Manager CD Training Collection CD Collection $199
The Secrets of Building Team-Player Thinking Audio- CD $229
The Supervisors’ Guide to Giving On-Target Directions, Helpful Feedback, & Constructive Criticism Audio- CD $229
The Ultimate Training for Your Toughest Workplace Dilemma … Working With Diffucult and Challenging People Audio- CD $229
Turning Around Bad Employee Behavior CD Rom $229
Bill Capodagli Presents The Disney Way Audio- CD $229
Bill Capodagli Presents, Creativity – “The Disney Way” Audio- CD $229
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Confidence, Credibility, and Influence Skills for Women Audio- CD $229
Conflict & Confrontation Skills for Women Audio- CD $229
Creating Balance & Letting Go of Stress Audio- CD $229
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills Audio- CD $229
Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott on Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace Audio- CD $229
Dr. Joseph Michelli on The Starbucks Experience Audio- CD $229
Essential Time Management Techniques for Administrative Professionals CD Rom $229
Featuring Dr. Barbara E. Bund on The Outside-In Corporation Audio- CD $229
Going Green at Work Audio- CD $229
How to Be a Super Sales Coach Audio- CD $229
How to Be a Tough-as-Nails Negotiator Audio- CD $229
How To Coach Your Team To Exceptional Performance … the Coach Joe Way Audio- CD $229
How to Create Attention-Grabbing Designs CD Rom $229
How to Handle Difficult & Emotional Situations, Patients & Family Members Audio- CD $229
How to Handle Emotions Under Pressure Audio- CD $229
How to Prevent Identity Theft In Your Organization Audio- CD $229
How to Write Copy That Sells CD Rom $229
Leonard Saffir Presents PR on a Budget Audio- CD $229
Making eBay Work for Your Business CD Rom $229
Mastering the Secrets of Persuasive Communication Audio- CD $229
Overcoming Sales Objections Audio- CD $229
Podcasting for Your Business CD Rom $229
Power Tips & Shortcuts for Creating Microsoft® Excel® Charts and Graphs CD Rom $229
Secrets to Getting Your Workplace REVVED! Audio- CD $229
Secrets to Reducing Your Stress at Work Online $229
Secrets to Reducing Your Stress at Work Audio- CD $99
The Life Balance System for Women Audio- CD $249
The Quick and Easy Way to Create Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations CD Rom $229
The Working Woman’s Guide to Creating Balance & Letting Go of Stress Audio- CD $229
Understanding, Developing, and Implementing Effective Internal Controls Audio- CD $229
What’s Working in Workplace Wellness Programs Audio- CD $229
Workplace Wellness Programs: What Works? What Doesn’t? Audio- CD $229
Time Management Tips Audio- CD $99
Building Better Team Communication Audio- CD $229
Creating Stronger Workplace Teams: Communicating for Results Audio- CD $229
Making Difficult, Dry Subjects Interesting & Easy for Learners Audio- CD $229
The Trainer’s Guide to Creating Interactive Learning Games & Activities CD Rom $229
How to Get Great Deals & Terms Bargaining With Vendors & Suppliers Audio- CD $229
OSHA Recordkeeping Compliance CD Rom $229
OSHA-Compliant Safety Training Audio- CD $229
Strengthening Warehouse and Inventory Security Audio- CD $229
The Golden Rules of Accurate Inventory Counts Audio- CD $229
Understanding RFID Technology in Inventory Management & Control Audio- CD $229